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About Us

Our History

The O'Malley Family have operated the ferry service from Inishbiggle to Achill Island for three generations.

Joe O'Malley crosses BulIsmouth on a daily basis bringing passengers, the post and supplies across to the island.

Excellence and Professionalism 

Growing up on the island Joe learned to respect the sea and the elements that come with it. He gained his skills of navagation off his father crossing Bullsmouth and the surrounding Achill waters by traditional rowing boats.

He also spent many years working in the fishing industry were he recieved knowledge on other aspects of sea safety. 

Insured and Guaranteed

The "Naomh Michael" is a small open ferry boat designed for operating in Bullsmouth.

The boat is fully licenced and can carry Five Passengers and two crew .

It is equipped with all Fire and Safety equipment. Each passenger is issued a Lifejacket before departure.

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